Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Unholy Sacrifices Unholy Schedule!

Come share in Chicago's Cult Fiction 
Horror Reading Series Fourth Event!
8:00 - The Unholy doors open.  Get some drinks from Bartender Lauren to brace yourself for the madness to come!

9:00 - The Dark Readings begin.
  • "Figure 8"
    Peer inside the eerie last days of a dying cult!
    written by the pleasantly morbid Brendan Detzner 
    read by wayward gypsy Josh Zagoren

  • "Threads"
    Terrifying things can happen under a humid Southern moon.
    written by the frequently lubricated Frank Stascik
    read by spitfire sexy Kalina "Kitten" McCreery
9:30 - We bust out the Pyre of Marshmallow Incineration for S'mores.

9:40 - Neally and DJ DigDug astound us all with some serious Nerdcore Rap.  Prepare to be geeked!

10:00 - Act Two of the Dark Readings begin.
  • "Infidel's Revenge"
    Can the terrible appetite of the vile Island God be quenched?
    written by pain junkie Eric Cherry
    read by vampyr hunter Brian Amidei.
  • "Just a Little Head"
    Old things, angry things, dead things can be found in the dark forests.
    written by goose-bump raising Mike Penkas
    read by Queen Mab's prodigy Claire Cooney.
10:45 - "This Melting Flesh" Inhuman, trans-formative, performance art by Jude W. Mire.  Not to be missed!

11:00 - Art Galt's Widow takes the stage and plays the rest of the day away.

12:00 - Unholy DJ 3rik takes over and brings the dark metal melodies with him.

2:00 - They turn those damn bar lights on and we all scuttle off into the night shadows full of shots, s'mores, and satisfaction.

ALL this for a measly 5.00 bucks at the door!

Sign up to let us know you'll show up on our Facebook event page: HERE

See you there cultists!

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